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Good heavens! Thursday already! With any luck it'll be Friday by the time you finish reading these amazing facts about Thursday, November 18:
» It's four years to the day since Catherine Zeta Jones married Michael Douglas in a ceremony rumoured to have cost £1.6million. Personally, we're celebrating the anniversary by not giving a fuck.
» The stars of Demspey and Makepeace, Michael Brandon and Glynis Barber, also married on this date, way back in 1989. We used to love the series, although for some reason all we can remember is a Bobby Davro pisstake that went by the name Dumpey and Makeshift, or something.
» What is it with today and matrimony? It's a year since Les Dennis and Amanda Holden divorced.
» Andy Szebini from London ate 226 cold baked beans in five minutes using a cocktail stick today in 1996. Buffoon! We eat plenty more than that using forks. And we heat the beans up first. Tch!
» The Invisible Man hit cinema screens today in 1938. The audience must have been scared shitless, seeing the screen warping as if being hit by fists for no apparent reason.
» Happy birthday to: Shoulderpad-tastic Dynasty actress Linda Evans, aka Crystal Carrington (62), songstress-turned-gardener-turned-vitamin-saleswoman Kim Wilde (44), and the Ant half of television duo Ant and Dec, who's 29 today.
» Unrelated fact of the day: The World's Biggest Liar Competition gets underway in Wasdale, Cumbria (honest). Contestants have between three and five minutes to fib like there's no tomorrow.

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