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Fuck me! They're back! Following a two week absence* we're delighted, nay, honoured to bring you these amazing facts about Monday, November 15:
» It's 14 years since Milli Vanilli's producer admitted the duo had not sung on their album, Girl You Know It's True. To add insult to injury, the pair HAD performed their dance routines for real.
» It was Man-tasia in Tasmania today in 2000, when a law preventing men dressing as women at night was changed. The 1935 rule had been used to "harass" cross-dressers. Even the rubbish ones who protested "but I'm a lady!" we imagine.
» Pop history was made today in 1986, when the top five chart positions were all held by female singers: Swing Out Sister with Breakout, Mel & Kim with Showing Out (Get Fresh at the Weekend), The Bangles with Walk Like an Egyptian, Kim Wilde with You Keep Me Hanging On and Terri Nunn of Berlin with Take My Breath Away.
» A survey in 1996 showed that the average sofa had £2.50 worth of coins lost down the back of cushions. Well, somebody's removed the cash since then, 'cos all we found was a black biro and an old chip. Gads!
» In an attempt to control inflation today in 1932, the German government introduced a new unit of currency worth one billion marks. Index finger to mouth and evil laugh optional.
» For those of you who, like us, spent hour upon hour transcribing inane letters about garden centres or insurance claims, it'll bring you no more pleasure to learn that the Pitman's system of shorthand was published today in 1837. We learned Teeline, and our tutor drove a jeep with a picture of a rhino on it and told us that the outline for "that" looked like a "continental seven", which always made us smile.
» Happy birthday to: Singer Petula Clark (72!), Abba's Frida Lyngstad (59!), and British actor who we never really decided whether we fancied or not, Jonny Lee Miller, who's 32.
*which incidentally coincided with a trip to a remote Scottish island and a pish dial-up modem connection

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