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OK, so presenting what is only the second installment of a new weekly series we kicked off in March is fairly ridiculous, even by our standards. Nevertheless, here is our latest "weekly" round-up of the latest lowculture tat that's available for your buying pleasure...
» Sex And The City: The Complete Series 6 DVD ... Just in time for Christmas, this is a handy collection of the dying days of one of telly's best-ever comedies. Now you can cringe even more than you did the first time around as you watch Carrie get off with that creepy old bloke in super-sharp DVD quality. Special features include audio commentaries and Norwegian subtitles. And if you're feeling extra-flush, there's also a bumper box containing all six seasons – although that might be one to pick up for half price in the sales next summer.
» Futurama: Complete Series 1 To 4 DVD ... This is one box set you shouldn't think twice about buying RIGHT NOW. When Futurama was at its best, it was every bit as brilliant as The Simpsons, but foolish Fox network executives treated it with so little care that it never stood a chance. Buy it, and steal all Bender's best lines for yourself.
» Mean Girls DVD ... This actually came out last week, but it's so good that it's more than worthy of a late mention. For the uninitiated, it's a teen comedy about a nice girl who decides to become a bitch in the name of popularity, and we think the moral was supposed to be that this is a bad thing. Unfortunately, the bitches were so appealing that it actually had the opposite effect on us. If lowculture's Steve and Paul are willing to queue up to see this at the cinema, you can hold your head high when paying for the DVD in Asda. Also available as part of a teen bitch double bill with the sublime Clueless.
» Please note that our recommendations should not be taken as any kind of recommendation, and that we accept no responsibility for you being stuck with a shelf full of rubbish DVDs.

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