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Hooray! We've managed to get tickets to see Kylie next year. But we hope she's wearing really big heels, because we're not very close to the front. Still, at least we're not a long way from these amazing facts about Thursday, October 21:
» Madonna's photographic tits-and-minge fest, Sex, went on sale today in 1992. We don't know if it counts as a prequel to The English Roses, mind you.
» To avoid national service, 150 Italian men from two villages claimed to be gay. Gay men aren't allowed to serve in the Italian army, but they have to get a medical certificate from their local GP confirming it first. "Do you like willies? You do? Then you're a gay."
» Margaret Owen set a world record for typing today in 1918, reaching an impressive 170 words per minute. Come along now: a fad jaffa; jaff dag kad ladda fghkld. Where's Mavis Beacon when you need her?
» Classroom assistant Jill Drake broke a record in a competition to find the loudest shout in Britain in 2000. Her 129 decibel wail was louder than Concorde.
» Happy birthday to: Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher (48), East 17 singer Tony Mortimer (34), and the daughter of singer Donovan (no, not Jason) and Linda Lawrence, who we're mentioning for no other reason than she has the fantastic name of Astrella (33).
» Adrenoleukodystrophy is a life-threatening genetic disorder which only occurs in males and affects the adrenal glands and white matter of the nervous system. So thank heavens it's Adrenoleukodystrophy Awareness Week! Go on, spread the word!

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