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October has been a poor months for facts so far, so why not tell us a truth about yourselves by clicking on the comment box below? In the meantime, here are some, er, "amazing" facts about Friday, October 22:
» It's four years since two martial arts experts in Taiwan set a world record by pulling an 11-ton lorry a distances of 12 inches - using their willies! We'd like to see them breaking bricks in half . . .
» Eastenders pub landlady Sharon Watts topped a poll of Britain's dream bosses three years ago. We'd rather have her as a landlord, what with the seemingly tardis-like apartment she owns.
» Today in 1969, Paul McCartney made an official denial of the persistent rumour he had been killed in a car crash.
» More rumours! This time being that the Spice Girls had split up today in 2001. For anyone still unsure: They did.
» Happy birthday to: wild haired actor Christopher Lloyd (66), tall actor Jeff Goldblum (52), and growly singer Shaggy (36).
» Unrelated fact of the day: The right arm and torch of the Statue of Liberty has crossed the Atlantic Ocean three times.

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