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Christmas is approaching, and there are just a few weeks to go until you can once again listen to I Love Christmas by the Fast Food Rockers without the aid of a set of headphones and a horse tranquilizer.
This year, there is an extra reason to be excited about the festive season – the casts of Casualty and Holby City are to join forces for the first time in a special crossover disaster blood-and-guts-fest.
Yes, it seems that Chrissie has finally fucked everyone she's going to in the main hospital, so she is going to be let loose in casualty, just to ginger things up a bit.
Lowculture would very much like to see the slutty sister involved in some three-way cubicle action with that one who used to be in Hollyoaks, and the one who drives the ambulance who nobody can quite decide if they fancy or not. And if her hatchet-faced A&E counterpart, Tess, could be the one to discover the illicit menage-a-trois, then so much the better – she is fantastic when she gets on her moral high horse about something or other.
Actually, all that is probably fairly unlikely – although Chrissie will definitely be in the thick of the action. And with Maxwell Caulfield due to leave Casualty around Christmas, we wouldn't be at all surprised if he should suffer an unusually cruel and agonising festive death.
What odds do you reckon they'll be offering on Jim being disemboweled by the antlers of a rabid radioactive reindeer let loose in the department by the hospital Santa after Sister Williams spurns his advances in the sluice room?

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