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There's just something about Mondays, isn't there? Who ever did anything worthwhile on a Monday, eh? Certainly not these people, that's for sure*:
» Kylie added a touch of glamour to soap opera Night and Day, by recording theme tune Always and Forever today in 2001.
» Success for the minorities! The first cattle grid with an escape route for hedgehogs was unveiled near Ludlow in Shropshire today in 1982.
» Happy birthday to: Tennis player Martina Navratiladylova (48), fightery actor Jean Claude Van Damme (44), Bluetones singer Mark Morriss (33), and the BBC - formed today in 1922.
» Unrelated fact of the day: Of the 206 bones in the average human body, 106 are found in the hands and feet.
» The Day After Tomorrow is released for sale and rent today. Our view: fantastic special effects, pish script. But it does have the Jake Gyllenhaal. And you've got to love the Jake Gyllenhaal, despite said pish script only landing his character with one painfully brief topless moment. We would have posted a pic of the Jake, but for reasons we won't go into, we're without a decent art package at the moment.
*Kylie excepted, naturally.

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