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One of our best-remembered episodes of The Bill is the shocking 1993 one in which DC Viv Martella was gunned down in the street by armed robbers. It had huge impact at the time because the series was still a reasonably true-to-life tale of everyday London coppers, and it was extremely rare to see one of the characters killed in the line of duty.
Happily, the show went completely fucking bananas about two years ago, and now there's hardly a week that goes by without a Sun Hill officer being murdered – usually by an evil colleague.
The latest victim was Kerry Young, who fell victim to a sniper's bullet at the end of last night's episode. It was fairly obvious that something terrible was about to happen to the huge-lipped WPC, as she spent most of the previous episode making enemies and discovering dark secret after dark secret. It seemed likely that we were about to be gripped by another other long, drawn-out whodunnit saga, with Kerry's colleagues trying to solve her murder and the killer being revealed in a dramatic denouement (probably in a warehouse somewhere).
But the episode's masterstroke came right at the end, when viewers were shown that dastardly PC Gabriel Kent was the man with the gun. If you thought Gabriel was loopy before, just wait until you see him unravel still further when he finds out Kerry was pregant with his baby (conceived, of course, after he convinced her to falsely accuse another colleague of date rape so that, once the allegation was withdrawn and Kerry discredited, Gabriel could rape her himself without fear of being reported).
Another completely ludicrous but utterly compelling storyline – and the one that finally prompts us to declare The Bill to be lowculture's Best TV Show Ever Ever Ever Until Something Better Comes On That Is.
By the way, if you're wondering exactly where the story about the disappearance of Sam's daughter is heading, think evil killer, air-tight box, webcam and sixty minutes for Sam to find her daughter before the oxygen runs out. And! The conclusion of the storyline is going to be The Bill's first-ever interactive episode. Amazing!

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