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There's not much we can say about Thursday, September 9, other than it's a day closer to Friday. But that's a good thing! And so are these amazing facts:
» A Spanish burglar was sentenced to four years in prison today in 1997. He'd been tracked down by the prints he'd left at the crime scene - of his ears. Maybe he was using them as suction cups to climb up walls. We really don't know. And our Spanish isn't that hot either, so it just sounds like it would be too much fuss to ask him. So we don't think we'll bother. Thank you (ahem).
» C&A withdrew 60,000 children's t-shirts that had a website address printed on the front, after it was discovered it was a link to a hardcore gay porn site. I'm sure they could have flogged a few to the passing gays, what with genetic compulsion to buy clothes three sizes too small.
» Geoffrey Boycott was suspended for the rest of the cricket season in 1981 following remarks he'd made on television. We're guessing they were a tad more serious than simply "cricket is shit".
» It's 39 years since an advert appeared in The Hollywood Reporter seeking singers to appear in a television show that later transpired to be The Monkees. Stephen Stills of Crosby, Stills and Nash was apparently turned down on account of his teeth.
» A party was thrown five years ago for the three pairs of All Saints knockers which appeared in the movie Honest.
» Christina Aquilera admitted she'd encountered some problems with the album she'd recorded in Spanish, as she could barely speak the language. Which brings us no closer to finding out why Mr Spanish Burglar ear's were so guilty.
» Happy birthday to: Absolutely Fabulous actress Julia Sawalha (36), leggy model Rachel Hunter (35), and Scott Michaelson, who played grinning goon Brad Willis in Neigbhours (35).

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