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We're off to a champagne reception tonight! Hoorah! But we've just realised we have no idea what it's all about, so we're preparing ourselves for some warm cider in a plastic tumbler. Whatever we're drinking, we'll certainly have enjoyed these amazing facts about Friday, September 10:
» The first cracks began to appearin Ken and Barbie's relationship, when her new friend Guy was unveiled today in 2000.
» Gardeners Question Time presenters from BBC Radio 4 broadcast their show from the annual meeting of the British Naturism Society, stark bollock naked.
» It was announced two years ago that Jess the cat, formerly of Postman Pat fame, was to get his own series. Tch! It's a sad day when the supporting cast tries to upstage the star. Mrs Goggins will be getting a boob job next, we suppose . . .
» Oasis' debut album, Definitely Maybe, entered the UK album chart at number one 10 years ago today. We remember buying it for a pal of ours: he said the cover had a bunch of people in a room full of "stuff". We later bought our own copy, which was thankfully stolen during a house party some years later.
» Happy birthday to: The scary one from Shakespeare's Sister, and Bananarama for that matter, Siobhan Fahey (47), T'Pau singer Carol Decker, (47) - emote woman, emote! Those dreams are like china! China in your HAND! Also celebrating is Madonna's mockney husband, Guy Ritchie (36).
» Unrelated fact of the day: Mexico City is sinking by between six and eight inches a year because it's on top of an underground reservoir.

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