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We thought it was going to be Tuesday today, but it's not - it's Wednesday, September 8. Hoorah! Let's all celebrate with these amazing facts about the date:
» A prisoner serving time for assault and robbery was suing a prison governor today in 1999. For being beaten up or having his property stolen? No! Much worse: His white t-shirt had turned pink when it was put in a coloured wash, and a Ralph Lauren jumper had shrunk after being put in a tumble dryer.
» Michael Portillo admitted to having relationships with other men at university - but denied involvements with other Tories. Phew! Shame averted!
» The first National Lottery fraudster was jailed for a year in 1995, after trying to claim £800,000 with a fake ticket. The average million pound winner buys a house, a Mercedes and a holiday in Florida, while more than 50% return to work, apparently. We're not fussed about cars, to be honest, and unless our work happened to be in Florida, we don't think we'd be returning either.
» Police rushed to a woman's house in Durrington, West Sussex, after she reported a suspicious thumping noise today in 2000. They soon discovered the intruder - a sex toy in a drawer.
» Peeow! A Belgian goalkeeper kicked a football more than 100ft into the air during a training session two years ago. It landed in the basket of a passing hot air balloon.
» The world's first denim codpiece made its appearance in the musical Blondel, which opened today in 1983.
» Happy birthday to: Former Tomorrow's World presenter Judith Hann, who we think we saw in a washing powder or something recently (62), broadcaster Anne Diamond (50), and Deputy Dewey from the Scream trilogy, David Arquette (33).
» Unrelated, and slightly creepy, fact of the day: Any month that starts on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th in it.

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