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It's been far, far too long since we touched on the subject of Tina Hobley, aka Holby City's magnificent Chrissie Williams, but news has reached us that is just too significant to overlook.
Tina, it seems, has secretly had a boob job, as she was disturbed by that fact that one of Hobley's wobblies was bigger than the other.
But don't worry that she will be lurching onto your telly next Tuesday evening with a set of Jordan-sized funbags that cause the buttons on her uniform to pop off and have Dr Rick's eye out.
For a start, she's only had one implant, to bring the offending breast up to the required size. And the op was actually done a while ago, so there's no point in trying to spot the difference by getting busy with the pause button.
We don't know an awful lot about that particular aspect of a lady's body, but Tina, if you're reading, they look pretty good to us – consider it money well spent.

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