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It's Tuesday, September 7, and we're still recovering from seeing the first garlands of tinsel and boxes of baubles in our local Woolies. Still, that means Halloween is on it's way so we're perfectly happy. Oh, and there's these amazing facts, too, which makes it all the better:
» The crew of a Royal Navy frigate was accused of throwing carrots at an Icelandic gunboat in 1973.
» A new, crash-proof Jaguar was unveiled five years ago today. It would automatically monitor traffic distances and take action to avoid a crash if necessary. But we bet it didn't make sarky comments to its driver, and have a red striplight at the front that went "whoo-whooo".
» Professor Harold Wagner claimed plants had eyes today in 1908. Yes, and we bet they talked to you behind your back as well, Professor Wagner.
» Sales figures showed the new Edward VIII stamps were the most popular ever in 1936, with 130million sold in the first five days. Now here's an idea: Let's get the lowculture icons (see banner) on first class stamps, and we'll see new life breathed into the postal service! We'd blow our wad on Alistair Appleton. And we're not even going to attempt to rephrase that sentence.
» It was reported that 20-stone Yorkshireman named Tom Lofthouse put a sack of potatoes in the passenger seat of his Robin Reliant today in 2000. Why? To stop it tipping over when he was driving, of course.
» Happy birthday to: Disco diva Gloria Gaynor (55), Simpsons actress Julie Kavner (the voice of Marge, Patty and Selma) (53), and Hong Kong Phooey, who made his debut on American television 30 years ago today.
» Unrelated fact of the day: When the UK adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752, 11 days disappeared. And we bet they weren't work days, either.

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