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We thought today would never come. We say good riddance to a week which has brought frequent late nights (not the good kind), a bollocking (not the good kind) and damaged clothing (not the good kind). But hooray! It's Friday, September 3, so let's celebrate with these amazing facts:
» Researchers in Vienna found that ugly men smelled more attractive than handsome men in 1997. Well, you've got to give them something.
» It's our second whore related fact this week! A brothel in Chile was given listed building status three years ago. We hear some of the ladies were even got a hepatitis A-listing.
» A Canadian boy named Kenny was getting freaked out by the frequent deaths of his namesake on South Park. His mum wrote into the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council to ask that the cartoon character be renamed Dweebie or Doofus.
» Kylie was midway through a 10-day jaunt to Britain today in 1987. And she found time to record I Should Be So Lucky while she was here. Hooray!
» Happy birthday to: Shirley Valentine actress Pauline Collins (64), actor Charlie Sheen (39), and Big Brother 2001 contestant Narinder Kaur (32).
» Unrelated fact of the day (and a bit of a challenge, too!): The record for typing the world's fastest text message has been taken by a 23-year-old Singapore business student, who typed a 26-word missive in 43.24 seconds. C'mon, we'll time you. Three . . . two . . . one . . . GO!

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