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In many ways, the genesis of lowculture can be traced back to a cold October night when an impressionable 19-year-old gay found himself in the Queens Theatre in London.
He has been lured there by the promise of a performance of Prisoner Cell Block H: The Musical and, as he sat quivering in anticipation of the delights that were about to unfold on stage, he may well have thought: "You know, one day I will start an irreverent pop culture website on the internet, which of course I have not even heard of yet, and write about stuff like this, and it will be great."
And, in many ways, that story is true. Although, of course, it is actually false.
But today – many, many, many years later – that same gay is looking forward to another kitch, camp musical based on a popular TV drama series set in a women's prison. So things have come full circle, really.
What the fuck are we on about?
They're staging Bad Girls: The Musical! That's what!
Here are the facts:
» It's set during series one, which means it's all about Nikki, Helen, Shell Dockley and all that lot.
» The "real" Sylvia "Bodybag" Hollamby is in it, and some of the other cast members might be, but nothing has been confirmed yet.
» It's a "workshop" production at the moment. We're not exactly sure what this means, but we think it might be "only half finished". Or, possibly, "not very good".
» You can hear some of the songs at the official website. Our favourite is The A-List, a big show-stopping number featuring Yvonne Atkins.
The ITV2 Bad Girls special that followed the season finale on Monday night featured some excellent behind-the-scenes footage from the show, and if we weren't excited before seeing it, we certainly are now – if only for the prospect of witnessing Bodybag, in besequined PO's outfit, belting out an OTT musical number about the black art of prison officer-ing.
See you in the front row!

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