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Daring, bold, stylish, not very good

Five thoughts on the first episode of NY- LON, the transatlantic love story that started on Channel 4 last night...
» 1. People don't actually talk like those people. If a real man had said those things to a real woman in a London bar, she would have maced him in the eyes then administered a swift kick to the bollocks.
» 2. Our first ever lowculture Random Crush (see sidebar) was not as hot as we thought he was going to be. Sorry.
» 3. We can't decide if we fancy Michael, the leading man, or not. It will probably turn out that we do though, because Life's Like That Sometimes. Our friend Andrew definitely fancies him – although it has already been established beyond doubt that he has very dodgy taste in men, so that may not count for much.
» 4. All the characters were really annoying. In fact, we don't really care if the main couple get together, which makes the whole thing kind of pointless.
» 5. It's much better if you turn the sound down during the third ad break and just imagine what they might be saying.
We'll give it another go next week and see if it improves.

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