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Bad boy!

Now, as long-time readers will know, we don't really approve of comeuppance here at lowculture. We believe that Chrissie should be free to fuck whomever she pleases in the Holby City sluice room with scant regard for the repercussions. And the consequences of all the extra-marital bed-hopping in all the main TV soaps? Consequences, schmonsequences.
However, we couldn't help but give a little whelp of delight as evil officer Jim Fenner was caught bang to rights for his villainous misdeeds in last night's Bad Girls season finale.
He's murdered, raped, beaten and intimidated the inmates of Larkhall for six years now, and frankly it would have been stretching credibility for him to get away with his dreadful acts of villainy for a moment longer. Or, at least, it would have, if Bad Girls had any credibility to begin with – and, thank goodness, it doesn't.
Some of our messageboard crew have been worried that the last scene, which saw Fenner being escorted to his prison cell while being eyed up by a succession of bum-hungry, hairy-arsed male cons, was some kind of dream sequence/fantasy/psychotic episode. And it would be disappointing if Fenner reappeared at the start of the next series as if nothing had happened.
With actor Jack Ellis announcing to anyone who will listen that he is off to pastures new, that looks quite unlikely. So let's salute one of the biggest bastards on the box as he passes into TV history.
Fenner – you were evil, but we loved ya!

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