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Life is full of disappointments, and chief among these is the sad fact that Heather Locklear does not star in every show on TV. Indeed, she is not starring in any at all at present, after a sitcom pilot she made last year called Once Around the Park was filed under "rubbish" and not commissioned for a full series.
Bosses at the NBC network subsequently tried to parachute her in to save a couple of their ailing shows (AUSA and Good Morning Miami, whatever they might be), but La Locklear decided to hold out until she was given a long-overdue star vehicle of her very own.
Her patience (not to mention ours) has now been rewarded with the announcement of LAX, a new drama staring Heather and Sex and the City guest star Blair Underwood set against the exciting backdrop of a major international airport.
There will be security breaches, terrorist threats, illegal immigrants, drug busts and all sorts of other exciting stuff – as well as a healthy dose of internal politics, backstabbing, and more shagging than any one viewer could dare hope for.
Our hopes are high that Heather will play a strong-willed, feisty character who doesn't take any kind of crap from anyone, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants – ie a right fucking bitch, as usual.

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