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See that thing on the right there? That's what the brand-new lowculture messageboard looks like.
It is:
» Bigger than the old lowculture bit on the Popjustice messageboard.
» But only in the sense that we have lots of categories instead of just the one.
» A place for you to go and talk amongst yourselves in the increasingly-long gaps between posts on this website.
» A place for us to go and seek inspiration from your posts then, once inspired, steal the fucking lot.
» A good place to pick up men if you're a gayer, if the Popjustice messageboard is any kind of indicator.
» And quite possibly women if you're a man and men if you're a woman, too. We just don't know.
And finally, is is also:
» Open now. Please go along, try it out, and see how you like it. All constructive criticism will be warmly received, then ignored if it doesn't match what we want to do.

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According to Marxist theory, cultural forms such as opera, classical music and the literary works of Shakespeare all fall under the heading of high culture. Low culture refers to a wide variety of cultural themes that are characterised by their consumption by the masses. We might not be Marxists, but we do know we loved Footballers Wives. If you do too, you'll know what this is all about.

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