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Things aren't going well for Robert Kilroy-Silk. We can't say we're particularly upset about that, but we did hear somewhere that it's important to laugh through a crisis, especially those that aren't your own.
So while Kilroy continues to defend his sweeping statements about foreign nations, he can do so with the full assurance that his viewers have voted with their fingers to show their frustration at the cancellation of his daytime show.
Er, except it appears they haven't. For it has been revealed that viewing figures have actually risen since the show's absence.
For the first half hour of what would have been Monday's edition of Kilroy, 1.2million people tuned in to watch an extended breakfast news programme, against the 1.05million who had watched the silver haired fox the week previously.
Filling the second half hour was an episode of Garden Invaders, on a par with the previous week - seemingly showing that hard-hitting hectoring from Kilroy is viewed by the public as having just as much value as hard-hitting horticulture.
What that says about the Kilroy show or, indeed, the viewing public we'll leave up to you. But let's just say we're quite content to learn how to install water features for the time being.

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