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As the week long Shattered experience nears its end, here are the three contestants who will battle it out to secure the prize money tonight: Chris, Clare and Jonathan.
By the time the day is out, we'll know who'll be taking away somewhere in the region of £97,000, and all three will get the chance to have a long-needed kip. Well, until the round of interviews starts tomorrow, anyway.
Last night presented the housemates with the most elimination challenge so far - the four remaining contestants were split into pairs and asked to hit a buzzer when they thought a certain amount of time had passed.
Despite another troubled day for Chris - including delusions he was on the set of Neighbours and that he was the Australian prime minister - the 22-year-old was the first back into the house after narrowly beating Jimmy.
The two toughest contestants then faced each other, with an even closer call between Jonathan and Clare only narrowly landing in the sole remaining female's favour.
But the final round, between Jonathan and Jimmy, was the most excruciating to watch. After estimating 1m 7secs, the two brought down their hands on their buzzers with a literally split-second difference.
We were sorry to see Jimmy go, but with Jonathan still in the game, it promises to be an interesting final.
The final itself takes the form of what we think most people expected the show to be in the first place - the remaining three will head to bed in a darkened room at 4pm, with the last person to fall asleep winning.
We'll find out how they got on during the live show at 9pm on Channel Four tonight. The experts predicted a female could win this, and we think Clare might just do that, althought it will be a close call between her and Jonathan.
We're afraid that Chris - who even nodded off during the latest round of daily Science tests - may be snoozing before the lights fully dim.

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