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Amazing things about January 13:
» The frisbee was invented on this day in 1957, by the Wham-O Company.
» Steve Wright resigned from the Radio 1 Breakfast Show on this day in 1995. We had forgotten he ever presented it in the first place, to be honest.
» Gillian Anderson out of The X Files announced in 1997 that she and her husband had split amicably. She said she was "bored".
» The Village People were looking FABULOUS at No.1 with YMCA. Unfortunately, the Young Men's Christian Association were less than impressed, and attempted to sue the People. The case was later dropped.
» Radio 1 announced a total ban on Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood in 1984, on the grounds that Mike Reid thought it was a bit rude.
» Cliff Richard told the NME in 1967 that he was leaving music to teach religious education in schools. Thou shalt not lie, Cliff! It's right there in the textbook.
» Englebert Humperdink released his first single, Please Release Me, in 1967.
» Kym Marsh was reported to have left Hear'Say in 2002. She was uhappy with the direction the band was taken (ie the direction of the dumper).

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