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Amazing things about January 9:
» A bill to outlaw flirting was unveiled in New York in 1902.
» The Russian secret service released a CD in 2001 to celebrate 80 years of skulking around. Tracks included Completing A Task and Here Goes Your Friend Off On A Mission. The hidden track at the end was Tell Us What You Know Or We Will Put The Electrode There.
» A Thai film star held a three day funeral in 2001 – for a water buffalo which featured in one of his most successful films
» Big Brother contestant Paul Clarke finally admitted defeat and returned to his old job as a car designer in 2002.
» Adam Ant turned down a part in The Pirates Of Penzance in 1982, explaining that he had "done the pirate thing already".
» Lack of time – and, more pertinently, lack of interest – prevent us from bringing you a lowculture Fact Frenzy to celebrate Haddaway's 39th birthday, so you will just have to find your own way of celebrating the momentous day. Sorry.

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