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Happy birthday to Who

It's not every day you arrive at work to find that reception is being guarded by a Cyberman out of Doctor Who, and that a Dalek is on patrol at the foot of the escalator.
Unless you are us. In which case, it IS every day that you arrive at work to find that reception is being guarded by a Cyberman out of Doctor Who, and that a Dalek is on patrol at the foot of the escalator.
Sadly, the office in question has not been conquered by marauding space aliens – it just happens to be the same building where the nice people who create all the Doctor Who books, videos and DVDs live, and they've dusted down a heap of old props and costumes to celebrate the forthcoming 40th anniversary of the programme.
It seems there has never been a better time to be a fan of wobbly sets, unconvincing monsters and horrendous acting from guest stars who really should know better. For a start, the official Doctor Who website is about to webcast an animated story called Scream of the Shalka, starring Richard E Grant as the Doctor (it starts next Thursday with, amazingly, Episode 1).
And they're putting it back on proper telly soon and everything! We can only hope that they will not be attempting to save cash by recycling any of the old costumes, as the Cyberman who currently stands guard is in such a state of decay that his cyber-arse is hanging off.

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