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One Seat Closer To Calvin

The worst thing about travelling alone is the high possibility that some bastard airline or train company will decide to seat you next to a psychopathic drunk for the duration of your trip.
Only the other day, we suffered an unpleasant flight from Aberdeen to Heathrow in close proximity to a man with all broken teeth who clearly hadn't washed and was cheerfully knocking back wine at 9.15am.
So it was with considerable trepidation that we boarded the return flight the following day. But! We needn't have worried, because our random travelling companion for the evening was none other than Calvin from out of S Club 8!
We are pleased to report that Calvin:
» Boarded the flight with a guitar as hand luggage.
» Had a big coat.
» Did not partake of the in-flight meal – ham salad followed by profiterole.
» Chose a healthy glass of water from the drinks trolley.
» Listened to noisy rock music on his CD walkman for most of the journey.
» Grabbed a sick bag, making us briefly contemplate the prospect of a baby popstar vomiting on our shoes. (As it turned out, he was just spitting out his chewing gum into it).
» Tried to read the NME Big Book over our shoulder.
» Spent a lot of time fixing his hair.
» Started texting on his mobile phone before he reached the designated area of the terminal, potentially wreaking havoc with the aircraft systems.
» Disembarked at Heathrow, making sure he had all his personal belongings with him, before heading back to a life of teenage pop serfdom.

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