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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about November 3:
» Elton John announced his retirement from live performance on this day in 1977. To the surprise of absolutely no one, he announced just fifteen months later that he was taking it up again.
» The Spice Girls were at No.1 three years ago, with Holler. Four years ago, it was Westlife, with Flying Without Wings. And it's five years since Cher was on top of the heap with Believe.
» Cindy Crawford confessed in 1998 that her tits were starting to sag.
» Playboy was published for the first time in 1953, marking the start of a glorious half century of dirty ladies whose clothes have fallen off.
» Singing lady Lulu is 55 today. She was originally called Marie Lawrie, but changed it when she realised that Take That featuring Marie Lawrie just sounded silly. Speaking of silly names, Peter Robinson, better known as 80s popstar Marilyn, is 41. And Nick Bateman, best remembered for being nasty on the telly, turns 36.

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