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My TIVO Thinks I'm Clay

We stole this from the lowculture messageboard that says Popjustice at the top but it is ours too, honest. Thanks to poster MarkNYC, who writes:
Other than American Juniors and Fame, here is a sampling of some of the other series blazing their way onto American television screens this summer:
» QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY (BRAVO): A group of flamboyant gayers teach straight guys style in a What Not To Wear format
» BIG BROTHER IV: THE EX FACTOR (CBS): The roomies were surprised when their ex-significant others moved in within hours of their arrival. One contestant, Scott, was booted off the show this week for throwing chairs in a tantrum he attributed to genital warts.
» KEEN EDDIE (FOX): A US cop is punished for his irresponsible behavior by being shipped off to London to work at Scotland Yard. Those British and their wacky ways.
» REAL WORLD PARIS (MTV): Six annoying Americans and one unfortunate gay Irishman were unleashed on France to spread goodwill this past winter. International relations have yet to recover.
» BOY MEETS BOY (BRAVO): Touted as a gay version of Big Brother, this series is actually a moxual version of The Bachelor. Each week, a potential suitor will be eliminated until our stud finds true love. In reality, no one would be kicked off and there would be marathon orgies. Also, secretly-straight guys will be on hand to act gay and if they fool everyone, they will win cash.
» OC (FOX): Coming later this summer, this drama features a delinquent city boy who is taken to the wealthy Southern California beach community of Ocean City where he learns what delinquency really is. Lots of cute people wearing little clothing and getting trashed. We are excited.
» PARADISE HOTEL (FOX): Fox has managed to trump Big Brother this year by putting actual attractive people in a fancy hotel and ordering them to “hook up” or be replaced by an even tartier viewer. We like Zack. The perfect mix of sexy and stupid.

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