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We're causing upset over at some Lois and Clark/Dean Cain messageboard, where the inhabitants are getting their red capes in a twist over our (correct) assertation that Smallville's Tom Welling is prettier than Dean Cain.
"A tidbit I stumbled over today and thought I'd share," fumes participant WandaD (if, indeed, that is her real name). "The columnist, whose opinion I certainly do not share, seems to be speaking for the masses. I can't imagine what audience she polled, but she clearly never asked any of us. Oh, and note the title."
This made absolutely no sense until we realised that they thought the "title" was the "We *Heart* Kerry McFadden on Loose Women" graphic at the top of the page, and that, furthermore, they had decided that lowculture is the work of Kerry herself.
If only that were true but, alas, it isn't.
Anyway, now that you are all coming here to read our blasphemy for yourselves, we would like to add that all the lowculture team are male, and none of us are married to members of Westlife (although we remain hopeful about Mark). And although Welling just edges ahead in the cute stakes, Cain would still totally get it as well. Thank you.

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