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Push Nush or can the Cam?

With just a few hours before Nush or Cameron get their marching orders, we've been trying to decide who we'd rather have stay in the house - and have come to the conclusion we don't particularly care.
The lack of activity over the last few weeks has seen lowculture gradually lose interest in the goings on in the house.
While the opera task was genuinely entertaining for a while, the regular routine of drinking, fighting and making up is failing to impress us.
But back to tonight's eviction - who gets our vote*? Cameron, as usual, has faded into the background of the proceedings and initially had been our first choice of evictee tonight.
However, Nush's fake, forced laughter is really beginning to grate with us, and we'd be quite happy to see the end of the non-romance with Scott, so we're expecting a close call this evening.
Apologies for our indifference today - we just feel rather cheated by the whole experience up till now.
Hopefully, Big Brother will put a spanner in the works along the lines of last week's activities to pull us back in for the final week.
*The correct answer is nobody, because we won't be bothering this week.

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