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Eyes down

Sky Digital boasts some truly atrocious channels, as anyone who has had the misfortune to switch to Friendly TV in the middle of the night will know (we don't want to go into detail, but basically you can text a couple of slappers and they will tweak their nipples or whatever for your viewing 'pleasure')
And then there's Avago (channel 235), an online bingo channel which seems to have been designed with the sole intention of parting lonely pensioners from their cash by making them think they're part of an online community.
If you're one of the sad cases who has become addicted to Avago, you might be interested to know that someone has come up with a technomalogically brilliant internet version that you can play for free. You can't actually win anything, and we can't get it to work because we have a Mac and nothing works on a Mac, but what we've seen looks good, and we are assured it plays a mean game of bingo, so that's ok.
www.avalaff.net is the place to go.

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