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Weekend Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss this weekend
» Casualty 8.20pm, BBC1 ... It's the last episode of the series and, in keeping with Casualty tradition, a heap of the cast will be getting shot at or blown to fuckery (and not in the good way). Things are looking especially grim for Dillon, Jack and Tony, who are all leaving the show.
» Holby City Marathon 9pm to 3am, UK Gold 2 ... Five (count 'em!) glorious episodes, back-to-back.
» Most Haunted Live 9pm, Living TV ... Join Yvette 'At Least I'm Still Working' Fielding and her spooky gang for a summer solstice special.
» Big Brother 9.10pm, Channel 4 ... It's challenge time again, and rumour has it that this week's task could result in one of the housemates being packed off to Africa. Hoorah!
» Popworld 9.05am, Channel 4 ... Channel 4 have obviously been listening to the complaints about the time slot of this programme, and put it on earlier still, just to piss us off. It's still worth getting out of bed for though (which is easy to say when your TiVo records it for you so you can watch it at 2pm when you eventually get up).
» Smallville 6.35pm, Channel 4 ... Lex Luthor discovers he has a long lost brother, who causes all sorts of trouble, but still manages to look cute.
» An Audience With Donny Osmond 8pm, ITV2 ... We're fairly sure this wasn't what the programme makers intended, but we hooted with laughter all the way through the original showing of this on ITV1, especially when the other Osmonds came out for a big reunion (the years have been fairly unkind in some cases!)

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