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Well, blow me down!

Amazing facts about May 26:
» Former London's Burning star John Alford was jailed for nine months on drugs charges, giving him a second criminal record (the first, of course, being his album on Love This records)
» Cats opened in Moscow on this day in 1988. The Broadway version of the musical has used more than a tonne of yak's hair in the costumes, and 48,000 condoms to protect the performers' body mics.
» Banarama reached the coveted No.95 postion in the US charts with Robert De Niro's Waiting. The actor reportedly rang the trio to congratulate them, but we don't know if he was talking Italian.
» Horror movie actor and big-screen Doctor Who, the late Peter Cushing, was born on this day in 1913. Helena Bonham Carter, who once stripped off for a role in Miama Vice, is 37 today. And Patsy Palmer, alias Bianca from EastEnders, is 31.

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