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The storylines which will explain the return of Den Watts to EastEnders continue to leak out of the BBC at an astonishing rate.
According to the Sunday papers, Den will make his dramatic return at – what else? – a surprise party in the Queen Vic. His irritating daughter, Vicki, will succeed where a highly-organised crime syndicate failed by tracking her old dad down to Russia. If the rumours are to be believed, he will march through the swing doors, to the astonishment of the assembled throng, and announce that he's come to claim his pub back.
Leaving aside the fact that this will make the Queen Vic the most fought-over pub in the history of the licensed trade, we can't help thinking that the whole thing is a bit unlikely, especially the hitman hired to dispatch Den with the aid of a bunch of daffodils really was acting under orders from Pauline Fowler instead of gangster Dalton.
There are more shocks to come, though. EastEnders have never been afraid to endlessly recycle old plots, so don't be too surprised when Vicki Fowler finds out she's knocked up after a one night stand with Spencer Moon.

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