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Monday's Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss today
» Dalek Day 2 until 8pm, UK Gold ... Another chance to catch up with the nefarious activities of Doctor Who's most famous enemies. We go from the greatness of Tom Baker, all the way to the last-ever series, and the slighly-less-greatness of Sylvester McCoy, over the course of the day. Includes the tear-jerking episode where Tegan leaves, at about 4pm. Sob!
» Can Westlife Cut It? 12.15pm, BBC1 ... Westlife go to Nashville and look supergay in cowboy hats as they attempt to prove they can satisfy the unforgiving country crowds. Nice to see this in a high-profile, prime time slot.
» Big Brother's Little Brother 6pm, Channel 4 ... There's been a lot of comment about how great it is that Dermot O'Leary's fanzine show has transferred to Channel 4 for Big Brother 4. A major achievement, certainly, but has everyone forgotten that is was shown on C4 last year as well, followed by an extra half hour on E4 that we're not getting this year? We want more Dermot, not less, you fools!

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