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The facts! The fiction!

Hoorah for The Sun.
Nothing whets the Big Brother appetite more than the annual spoiler of the show's line-up
Dominic Mohan produced the goods in today's edition of the paper, which boasted colour pics of Ce-Ce, James, Tashi, Siobhan and a further eight contestants who could be roaming the house from Friday.
But as Dominic himself admits, the source of the information wasn't rock solid, and rest assured, if they weren't 12 backup contestants before (as say show producers), they certainly will be now.
And we have to admit there was something rather "plain" about the reserved looking line-up that graced a full page of the paper today.
Which in an odd way makes us all the more excited to see who will be entering the house in only two sleeps' time.
Now we want to hear your Big Brother tales. Anyone who put together an application tape to the show, please relate your tales to us by clicking on the comment link below (it's like being judged all over again, but in a nice way. Like by your gran).

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