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Ain't that funny?

It doesn't seem five minutes since Geri Haliwell was fannying about in little knickers and sweatsocks to do the Flashdance thing for It's Raining Men.
And while we are truly impressed with J-Lo's detailed representation of the film for her new single I'm Glad, we couldn't help but giggle when we heard the latest rumours surrounding the shoot.
Apparently, Ms Lopez was so keen on getting the look right that she donned the original red bodysuit used by Jennifer Beals in the classic 80s film . . . except they had to let it out in the arse.
Supposedly, the suit had to be cut and two extra panels of material added to make room for her bling-bling bum.
Still, all's well that ends swell, and J-Lo is also thought to be considering offers to star in a Flashdance remake.
Egads! What next? Justin Timberlake for a new version of Footloose? Hmm . . .

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