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Tuesday's Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss today
» Cannonball Run 2 6.40pm, Sky Movies Max ... Burt Reynolds in more cross-country racing capers. It's Cannonball Run 2, which we think means that it's twice as good as the original. Possibly.
» The Most Extreme Gluttons 8pm, Bravo ... Insightful documentary looking at the top ten gluttons in the animal kingdom, comparing their efforts to those of lots of fat blokes at a pie eating contest. Features a man who can eat 150 jalapeno peppers in 15 minutes.
» Cutting It 9pm, BBC1 ... Return of the bitchy hairdressing drama. We solemnly promise that we will never use the word 'crimpers' to describe hairdressers, by the way.
» Blood Under The Carpet 10pm, Channel 4 ... Ever wondered what kind of person would buy a house someone had been murdered in? And would you overlook a few bloody acts of violence to get a few hundred quid off the asking price? We don't know – the most interesting thing our flat has ever been was the Aberdeen workshop of Living Design windows.
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