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Thoughts about the new One True Voice single

It's called Shakespeare's Words! It's showing on The Box (no.129)! And!
» They look OK in the video. And it looks like it cost more than the last one (although a budget of tuppence would have been an improvement on last time).
» Pete Waterman still has his finger on the pulse of the music industry. Unfortunately, it's the pulse of 1995.
» The subject matter is very appropriate, as all the kids are into Shakespeare. Aren't they?
» At least they didn't rhyme "In my heart I am a poet" with "and I don't know it" (although the one they used was nearly as bad).
» The song would probably have been 500 times better if Rick Astley had sung it himself.
» Shakespeare will, no doubt, be turning in his grave today
» It's quite good in its own little way, but when you've got Girls Aloud knocking out some of the best pop in years, 'quite good' just doesn't cut it.

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