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Fromage frais!

» Former London's Burning star John Alford was found guilty of supplying drugs in 1999. Sensibly, he had represented himself at the trial.
» Two years ago, S Club 7 were at No.1 with Don't Stop Movin'. We can only assume that Jo's doctor was less than amused at this unhelpful advice.
» This time last year, Gareth Gates revealed he was over his crush on Rachel Stevens. We're not over our crush on Gareth yet, though.
» Tammy Wynette was born on this day in 1942. The much-missed 'First Lady Of Country', who was a friend to the justified, the ancient, and the drivers of ice cream vans, recorded more than 50 albums during her career. Lorraine McIntosh out of Deacon Blue, best remembered for singing the annoying bits on all their songs, is 39. And Dieter Brummer, formerly Shane Parrish in Home And Away, is 27.

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