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The next instalment

Forget Neo in the Matrix with all his kung fu tomfoolery. Wolverine and his fancy claws? Pah! A ream of A4 and a bottle of correction fluid are all that's needed by lowculture's favourite movie figure of the year.
Yes - Angela Lansbury is reprising the role of crime-solving mystery writer Jessica Fletcher for a new (tv) film set in Ireland.
The Celtic Riddle, based on a novel by Canadian author Lyn Hamilton, sees the 77-year-old visit the fictional village of Ballymure to solve the murder of whoever's been unfortunate enough to be wandering round within a mile's radius of her this time.
Okay, so it's not so much "Ireland" as a set created by Universal Studios in Los Angeles, but Murder, She Wrote has long since astounded us with authentic Emerald Isle influences. The convincing "Oirish" accent of Sheriff Amos Tupper (Tom Bosley), for instance.*
Angela told today how she finds the character of Jessica both entertaining and annoying - and hints she could soon be vying for a change of role.
"She's terribly nosey, and I want to say 'why don't you mind you're own business and let someone else figure this one out?'" she says.
"I'm shocked that people don't realised that Jessica Fletcher is another figment of my imagination, and a different person than I am, and I really can play other roles."
So, what would you like to see as Angela's next acting challenge? We fancy her taking on the role of an evil cyborg in the next Terminator movie. Let us know what you think by clicking on the comment box below.
To find out more about her new tv film, being broadcast in America this week, visit the CBS site here.
* "Well, oi jist cahn't oonderstahnd ett, Miss Fletcher. Er, de-diddly-i-de-deedle-de."

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