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Of course we didn't forget to post these to the site earlier! What are you trying to say?

Amazing facts about May 4:
» Ken quit Bros on this day in 1989. A nation wept, with the exception of a pair of blonde twins somewhere in London (they wept later when they realised how much it was going to cost them).
» Terry Scott, of Terry and June fame, was born on this day in 1927. He began his working life as an accountant, but decided life was too short and devoted his remaining years to twee middle-class sitcoms with characters called things like Sir Dennis. Jay Aston out of Bucks Fizz is also blowing out the candles to day (she's 42). Michael Barrymore, star of Strike It Luky and Spiceworld: The Movie, is 51.
» This time five years ago, Boyzone were at No.1 with the fucking awful All That I Need – surely the worst of an unremarkable run of singles.
» In 1991, the good people of Texas were celebrating ZZ Top Day.
» This time last year, Atomic Kitten revealed that the downside of fame was that it restricted their social life. Are you sure about that girls? The tabloids are rarely filled with pictures of you sitting at home in front of Holby City with a mug of Horlicks, after all.

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