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Well she came and she gave without taking

Mandy RichardsonTime was when a former Hollyoaks actor could dream of nothing more than the occasional appearance on Fear Factor or Loose Women when they left the soap. Eventually the bar was raised ever so slightly to the point where they might hope for a role in Bad Girls or Where The Heart Is. Aspiring to blockbuster movies, however, was entirely out of the question.

So when it was confirmed last year that Sarah Jayne Dunn, alumnus and lifelong patron of the Mandy Richardson University of Chester, had won a role in upcoming Batman flick The Dark Knight, we assumed it would be somewhere along the lines of "Girl in Crowd #4". However, if internet rumours are to be believed (and let's face it, when are they not?), her part could turn out to be far more sizeable than that.

The news has already been carelessly paraded around most corners of the internet, but since we're responsible types and this sort of casting news could be considered a spoiler, we won't print it here where it might be the cause of burning in sensitive eyes. However, if you are entirely unfazed by such a prospect, click here for the Chester-tastic revelation. We're very excited not just by this apparent revelation, but also by the prospects for other stars of Chester, as long as this doesn't mean Paul Danan is next in line to play Spiderman or anything silly like that.

With thanks to username for posting this on the boards.

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Harley Quinn?


Maybe all those years of hard study at the Mandy Richardson University Of Chester have paid off!

By Blogger DanProject76, at 8:10 pm  

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