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Spot the difference

PARANORMAL! Moonlight, Living, 10.00pm

MoonlightPicture the scene: there's this private detective, right? And he also happens to be a vampire. You're picturing Angel, aren't you? Nope, guess again. If you happen to be reading this site from Canada (hi there!), you might be thinking of Blood Ties. But nope, not that one either. Indeed, the vampire/PI genre is sufficiently well-populated to keep us guessing here all day (and really, who saw that coming?), so we'll cut to the chase: there's a new entry into the canon: Moonlight.

In this particular instance, the handsome and dashing (it says here) Mick St. John uses his supernatural abilities to help the mortals with their own variety of troublesome problems. He's accompanied in this enterprise by his bride and sire Coraline (played by Shannyn "A Knight's Tale" Sossamon, mischievous Josef (Jason "Veronica Mars" Dohring) and his new love interest, Beth Turner (Sophia "that episode of Doctor Who" Myles). And then every so often, there'll be a crossover episode with Buff - oh, wait, wrong show again. Damn.

Initial signs for the show weren't good, since three of the four main parts were recast between the original pilot and the full series, there were major creative changes, and the showrunner upped and left. TV history generally dictates that such action indicates a show is not long for this world, but it's held up surprisingly well with viewers in the US, so it might be worth a look. Just don't be surprised if you get a déjà vu...

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