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Love thy Enemy

THRILLS! The Last Enemy, BBC One, 9.00pm

The Last Enemy might look like yet another crime thriller, we know, but don't yawn and wander off in search of a teen flick on Sky Movies just yet. We honestly think this crime thriller might be good.

It's set in the near future in a more 'surveillance' age. A man called Stephen comes back to London from a mysterious place the BBC website describes as 'abroad' to attend the funeral of his brother, and tries to find out what happened, finding himself caught up in a 'conspiracy' along the way. And whilst that may sound a little ho-hum, bear with us.

The reason we think this one might be good is the pretty awesome cast. Benedict Cumberbatch (whose career seems to have suddenly ballooned in the past year or so) takes the lead, which we like, because he is an unusual presence, particularly in this kind of genre. Robert Carlyle also stars (although after seeing 28 Weeks Later the other week, we are not sure his presence always means 'quality' any more), along with David Harewood, Max Beesley, and the wonderful Geraldine James.

In short, we are banking our hopes on the cast, rather than the plot. But there's not a lot else on at this time on a Sunday, so you may as well give it a go, eh? After all, Damages has shown that there is life in the crime thriller genre yet, and how wonderful would it be if there were great dramas on two nights in a row? Pretty darn wonderful, we think.

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