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The Man-Machines

SKETCHY! That Mitchell and Webb Look, BBC Two, 9.00pm

And they're back! Home computers Rob'n'Dave return for a second series of their much-loved TV sketch show, except of course it's the third Mitchell and Webb TV sketch show really, and the fourth if you count the Mitchell and Webb-heavy Bruiser, and actually their seventh sketch show overall if you throw Radio 4's That Mitchell and Webb Sound into the mix as well. Obviously that's quite a lot of PC-level heavy-duty mathematics to wrap our heads around (not sure the Mac could cope with it, to be honest, though it could probably turn it into a pretty pie chart or something), but that's Mitchell and Webb all over, you see: very funny and very intelligent men who also make you THINK (a little bit, even if it's just about how ridiculous numbers sound out of sequence or which computer you'd rather buy).

In a refreshing move that's almost unheard of in the sketch show world, they've defragmented their hard drives, restored their factory settings and chucked out pretty much every single character and concept from the first series (bar one or two, including the natural next step in the Numberwang! story), thus creating a blank comedy slate on which to start doodling with their hilarity chalk pencils all over again.

The previews we've seen so far have been excellent, including the bawdy Carry On-style hospital where one inadvertently-offensive doctor can't quite get the hang of innuendo, the over-excited TV sports announcer, and a lovely sketch where Rob persuades Dave to pretend to be gay for entirely selfish reasons. Rebooterrific!

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