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And yet, you try to make me forget who I really am...

SCREAM! The One and Only, BBC1, 6:25 and 9:20pm

Now, we didn't preview The One and Only last week, because we sort of had a silent team stand-off at lowculture towers over doing last Saturday and no-one caved in. So to repent, today we're previewing multiple shows, starting with this one.

This is a rum concept for a show. Essentially, it's a variant on Stars in Their Eyes. We are asked to vote for the best tribute act from a selection of Madonna, Robbie Williams, Frank Sinatra, Dusty Springfield, Lionel Richie, Diana Ross, Cher, Kylie Minogue (played by the woman on today's picture. And that's her AS KYLIE. Right. Also: she's 25!! That wig does her (and Kylie) no favours), Elton John, Rod Stewart and two 'mystery' acts.

We only saw bits of this last week (and tragically couldn't find it on iPlayer) but the finalists were chosen from three frontrunners by a panel of 'superfans', who apparently chose all the wrong ones.
It's also giving work to Carrie and David Grant, who probably haven't been doing much since the demise of Fame Academy, so that's nice.

The prize, by the way, is a Vegas showcase. So your moral duty is surely to vote for Kylie or Robbie to confuse the Americans...

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