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Masterchef, no longer large

COMPETITIVE! Masterchef, BBC2, 8:30pm

Now, let's just say this once and for all, the proper time for this, and all cookery programmes is 6:30pm. This moving about the schedules business (see also: Come Dine With Me) is just messing with our whole routine. Also: please note, this new series is on daily at this time, except that this week there's some sporty thing on Friday, so Thursday sees a double bill, starting at 8pm. We wouldn't want you to miss out.

Right, rant over. When we saw this billed in the TV listings as Masterchef, we were intrigued, and a litle excited. Was this a return to 'traditional' Masterchef, and did it mean that we would be spoiled with three series this year: normal, Masterchef Goes Large and Celebrity Masterchef? Sadly, the Radio Times seems to think this is actually the series formerly known as Masterchef Goes Large, with a mere name change. To which: boo. We demand three series a year.

Anyway, for the uninitiated, the show sees judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace judging a bunch of the promising and the hapless for several week, giving the contestants a variety of challenges (and there is always one contestant they like, one they hate and two they can't decide between) until eventually they pick the winner, who is always the finalist we think is least deserving. But despite its formula being as predictable as Dragon's Den, it remains entertaining because of the contestants and the mixture of bizarre and sublime dishes they come up with.

Our fingers are crossed, however, that this move into primetime has seen the predictable voiceovers of 'dinner party cook, home cook, experimental cook' etc replaced by the sarky voiceover man from Come Dine With Me who accuses the participants of being murderers and so on. We can dream.

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