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Affairs to remember

LADIES! Mistresses, BBC1, 9.00pm

MistressesInvoking the spectre of Sex and the City is one of the quickest ways to start an argument at lowculture towers, since there are those of us who consider it a classic, genre-defining series that has forever left a dildo-shaped hole in the TV schedules, and there are those of us who thought it was an overrated piece of wishy-washy claptrap that set the feminist agenda back by about 20 years. For the sake of privacy, we won't reveal who was in which court, but let's just say the discussion has never yet been settled without all of us screaming at each other and storming out in a sulk.

Of course, you can't talk about a show starring four women of a certain age without mentioning The Show That Should Not Be Named, which does tend to make things rather difficult. To save another argument getting in the way of things, we're going to move past that and instead focus on the important thing here, which is that this new show stars Sarah Parish. And we'll watch anything if it's got Sarah Parish in it. Even if the show was just Sarah Parish watching paint dry while reading aloud from the phone book, we'd still probably make it our pick of the day.

The BBC website describes this as "a sexy, sophisticated and bold take on the lives of four women and their involvement in an array of illicit and complex relationships", which sounds as though it ought to be delightfully sordid, although this is probably going to have an "aspirational" tone to it, so we can all sit watching it while devouring a big bar of chocolate and wondering why watching other people endure moral dilemmas is always far more fun than having moral dilemmas of your own. Those of you wanting to play along at home during the show, award yourself points for spotting which one is the Carrie, the Samantha, the Miranda, etc.

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