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Close to me

LEGAL! Damages, BBC1, Time

Although there are several new shows on the horizon for the winter/spring season, most of them have yet to start, so today we're previewing something that, we must confess, we don't know an awful lot about.

BBC1's new imported serial Damages has apparently gone down well in the States (but don't they say that about every imported drama?). It is a legal drama (yes, we know) but the gimmick with this is in the shape of acclaimed actress Glenn Close who plays the firm's boss. Although the previews we've read repeatedly use the cliches of 'no-nonsense' and 'hard-headed' to describe Patty Hewes, Closes' character, we're hoping there's a bit more too it than that. after all, she doies a good unhinged, so hopefully a few episodes in ands Patty will be showing a few signs of falling apart at the seams.

The other thing that makes this notable is the presence of Ted Danson, who has probably done lots of serious acting, but we can only associate with Cheers and Three Men and a Baby/Little Lady, so we are slightly intrigued as to how his role will pan out.

Anyway, apparently this first episode features a bloody murder and it only gets more exhilirating from there. Or so the blurb says.

Whether this will prove to be a smart acquisition hidden away in an obscure slot, or a terrible waste of license-payers' money hidden away in an obscure slot, time will tell. But there isn't much else on tonight, so it's worth giving it a go to find out.

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