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Yaketty yak, DO talk back

INTERACT! The TV Show, Channel 4, 4:10pm
Now, this is a quirky one. It looks like Channel 4's Right to Reply replacement (not that we can remeber when Right to Reply finished), aka their version of Points of View.
Execept, instead of reading letters, or these days, texts and emails no doubt (probably along the lines of 'Y IZ KRESS BROWK UP? DAY IZ TL4E INNIT'), it looks like it's going to be more of a studio-based, audience participationy thing, hosted by Krishnan Guru-Murthy, who we still associate mostly with Newsround in its post-Craven, pre-Enzo phase, despite him graduating to 'serious' news many moons ago.
The weird thing abuot this show is that it is at 4:10 on a saturday afternoon, and it's only once a month. Which is the sort of insane scheduling that leads us to believe we will be the only ones watching (as is the case with most of our fave shows, as Steven rightly reminded us on Thursday). Still, that probably means they are short of participants, and their website is actually encouraging people to take part. So if you want to challenge the Hollyoaks producers on the boob theft of which we do not speak, or you want to know why halfway through each series of Property Ladder and Kitchen Nightmares they stick in radom repeats (*cough* 'revisits' *cough*), you know what to do.

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